The Tao Te Ching is a classic body of work written by Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu in the 6th century B.C. The Tao holds words of wisdom & spiritual enlightenment within it's 81 verses. It guides the student & teacher alike with a moral structure known as, The Great Integrity.

Verse 52 Returning to Our Origins

Everything has a common origin
that we might call the Mother of the Universe.

Once in pre-conscious times, we were all a part of this Mother,
just as we-all her children-were part of each other.

This is when we were all umbilically still attached
to the Great Integrity.

Some thousands of years ago, our species alone
issued a declaration of independance from our Mother.
Now it is time to reunite with her.

Thereafter, we will never any more suffer the 10,000 miseries
that only we human beings have acquired.

Block all the loopholes! Shut all the doors to the old temptations!
And we will never again feel deprived.

If we crawl through the loopholes, if we race through the gate
back to the 10,000 addictions, we will never be fulfilled.

How shall we know the Great Integrity?
When our insights proliferate even in the smallest matters.
When our strength is boundless even while ever yielding.

We can keep our outsights when returning to our insights.
In this way, we will reharmonize with our Mother,
celebrating the Great Integrity on a higher level.

“The Tao Te Ching, A New Translation”
By: Ralph Alan Dale
ISBN: 0-7607-4998-1