The Tao Te Ching is a classic body of work written by Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu in the 6th century B.C. The Tao holds words of wisdom & spiritual enlightenment within it's 81 verses. It guides the student & teacher alike with a moral structure known as, The Great Integrity.

Verse 69 In War the Defender Will Be Victorious

There is a saying
among those wise in military affairs:
"We do not act as host taking the initiative,
but would rather be the guest
assuming the defensive posture.
Rather than advancing one inch,
we would rather retreat one foot."

This is called
advancing without moving,
rolling up one's sleeves without baring one's arms,
fighting without weapons,
capturing the enemy without attacking.

There is no greater disaster
than boasting of one's invincibility.
Such boasts lead to the loss of the Three Treasures.
Therefore, when two opposing sides
meet in battle,
the one without an enemy
will by victorious.

“The Tao Te Ching, A New Translation”
By: Ralph Alan Dale
ISBN: 0-7607-4998-1